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Prices are mentioned in the price lists in annex and are applicable from their publication and also during the mentioned period in the same list. 


The duration of the trip is defined as follow: from traveller’s arrival day at the airport or port of Madagascar that is welcomed by EXELANS TOURISM till the day when the latter assists the traveller at the airport or port for his return trip home. 


EXELANS TOURISM is responsible for not only its customers stay organisation in the Malagasy territory, but also the execution of the trip that involves other services contractors.  Nevertheless, it can be exonerated of all or some part of its responsibility by providing proof of the non-execution contract which is attributable to the customer or to the unpredictable and insuperable facts of a third person on executing contracted services or to the unexpected circumstances.


Each  traveller should be under the rule of law  for his stay in Madagascar about police, customs formalities and health concerns. 


The traveller is responsible of all damages resulting from his act. He is recommended to subscribe an insurance notably for cancellation or repatriation. 

EXELANS TOURISMsubscribes to NY HAVANA’s insurance a civil and professional responsibility insurance applying to Tour Operators in Republic of Madagascar covering only Malagasy territory.


All reclamation relating to the trip or stay must be submitted by recommended letter with accused reception, to EXELANS TOURISM one month from the return day, postage stamp of the post done faith. Step this deadline, all reclamation will be unacceptable. 

Customers will not be reimbursed for any renunciation of one of the service offered in package tour prices.

In case of interruption during the tour by the customer, no reimbursement will be possible except if the motive of this concern is covered by l`assurance-cancelation of which profit of the customer. 

In case EXELANS TOURISM has no possibility to furnish a part of the services in the contract, either another services will be proposed in replacement to the planned services supporting the eventual supplements, or the difference in price will be paid off.


Reservations becomes firm, when the customer would have paid to EXELANS TOURISM the total amount of the agreed services which should be paid one month before the tour begins. Failure to comply with this payment deadline is considered as having cancelled his reservation. 

The payment of our tour price, will be done by money transfers in the name of EXELANS TOURISM Sàrl without deducing fee and bank charge of which divided up as follows: 

. 3 months prior to departure:  40%

. 2 months prior to departure:  70%

. 1 month prior to departure:  100%

In case of late inscription less than 30 days prior to departure, full payment will be demanded to the reservation. 


All modification of the tour program necessitates a previous agreement from EXELANS TOURISM: 

.more than 30 days of  arrival day, a change fee is EUR 60 per person

.less than 30 days of arrival day, a change fee is EUR 100 per person

.less than 15 days of arrival day, the modification is considered as a cancellation followed by a new reservation.


All cancellations must be notified by recommended letter or by fax to EXELANS TOURISM.

Cancellation due to the customer induces, besides file fee, to an additional fee, which is variable according to not only the nature of the trip, or stay but also the date to which she intervenes. Cancellation charges are outlined as follows:

.60 days and more prior to departure:  5% of the tour price

.59 to 30 days and more prior to departure:  25% of the tour price

.29 to 15 days and more prior to departure:  50% of the tour price

.14 to 06 days and more prior to departure:  70% of the tour price

.05 to 02 days and more prior to departure:  90% of the tour price

In case of no-show of the customer on the arrival date or last-minute matters, no reimbursement will be granted. 


If the trip is cancelled by EXELANS TOURISM for whatever motif it could be to less than 45 days of the trip, the customer, without prejudging the recourses in damage repair eventually undergo, will obtain the immediate refund of all payment received except for trouble public security reasons such as war, natural cataclysm, political circumstances, epidemics…


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