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Entry formalities

Entry visa is obligatory. The Malagasy representatives deliver it abroad (Embassy or Consulate) for a visit of up to 90 days. It is possible to get a visa at Antananarivo airport on arrival.  Nevertheless, be aware of the risk of a long wait. Necessary documents: a valid passport at least for 6 months beyond the date back to return, a confirmed round trip flight ticket, 4 identity photos.


The language spoken in the country is Malagasy. French language is considered as the official one.  


Local time is GMT+ 2 hours in winter and GMT+ 1 hour in summer. 

Required clothing   

In daytime, light clothes are recommended, at night it could be more fresh / cool a sweater is advisable.  Do not forget especially to put on your suitcase a rainwear, a hat, sunglasses and a good sun lotion to protect you against the strong sunbeam.  

Sanitary formalities  

These are issues only for tourists coming from highly infected areas. You are highly recommended not only to have vaccinations against cholera, yellow fever but also have prophylaxis against malaria and injection of gammaglobulin against hepatitis. 

Health cares  

Hospitals are located in big cities.  We strongly recommend you to have a medical kit of basic drugs and bandages.  

Post and Telecommunications  

Post offices are opened at usual working office hours.  In case of emergency, some post offices provide extended customer services. In major cities in the country, international communications can be available.  Not only are phone boxes using cards installed in Antananarivo’s neighbourhood but also in the major cities of the country.  Communication by fax or E-MAIL between Madagascar with the rest of the world is good.  

GSM-cellular phone  

A mobile phone network is on the way to expand currently.  Several cities are already covered.  International "roaming-agreement" exists and is effective around the capital and in principal cities.  


Power voltage: 110 and 220 .  Original French plugs (two-pin) are in use.  It is recommended to provide yourself batteries that are not easy to find or stocking poorly, especially for movie camera or flash device.  

Photos, tapes, diskettes, Cds

Films for photos, video or audio tapes, diskettes or Cds for computer are rather difficult to find beyond the capital ,or  you can get some from big stores.  You are recommended to bring enough (reserves) for your needs during the tours.  


Local currency: Ariary. each traveller should get information on the rate of current change before his or her trip.  The amount-introduced currencies are not limited.  Necessary to have traveller’s checks or sum of money, EUR, USD, etc…it is possible to pay with well-known credit cards in big hotels and some restaurants although be aware of a possible high commission.  

Customs formalities

Exemption from custom duties for these following goods: 1 bottle of alcohol beverage, 25 cigars or 500 cigarettes or 500 grams of tobacco. 

Exportation restriction

Neither animal nor plants are allowed for exportation.  Many animals and vegetation species are protected by international laws.  

Open Hours

Shopping hours:  Monday - Friday 09h00-12h00 and 13h00-16h00

Bank hours:  Monday - Friday 09h00 -12h00 and 13h00-16h00


No particularly regulations. Tip amount depends on the client’s appreciation.

Days off /public holidays

1 January: New Year’s Day, 29 Mars: Commemoration of the 1947 Rebellion, Easter Mondays, 1 May: Working day, Assumption Day, Pentecost Mondays, 26 June: Independence Day, 1 November, All Saints’ Day, 25 December: Christmas Day.  


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